May 15

only the small image

The icon should be here:


May 15

small image test

here’s a small image ; let’s see if it’s included properly in the post:

and here’s an even smaller image:

and here’s one that’s bigger than 1024 by 1024:

May 02

test comic

no comic but whatever


Apr 22

testing email links

testing the read more link:

Your Read More Link Text

Apr 22

testing subs emails

are emails having trouble going out?

Apr 09

testing long image filename


Mar 29

jetpack youtube embeds testing


inline URL:

Mar 29

again youtube shortcode

Mar 29

using youtube shortcode


Mar 29

testing youtube videos in email

here’s a link to youtube:

Mar 29

testing hotlinking images and photon

is this image photonized?


Mar 28

new gallery

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