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Apr 09

Test post extraordinaire

  Random test posting

Oct 18

post by richardtest!

test post by test user, woot!

Mar 19

Test post from shared wpcom account and no publicize connections

I have no connections!

Mar 14

test post pbe by author

will this publish right away?

Feb 20

trying one more to not publicize

last attempt

Feb 20

Don’t publicize this!

This better not get through! 😀

Feb 12

new post with different cap

edit_others_posts this time

Feb 12

new post again

this time, with the functionality plugin active

Feb 12

and a 4th try

cross fingers!

Feb 12

3rd try for author post

maybe this time?

Feb 12

another author test post

testing once more

Feb 12

test post from author

trying to see if it will be Publicized

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